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Vallis Colapis LAG was established in 2009 as an effort of rural communities Pokupski, parts of Karlovac and Zagreb County for the application procedure measures LEADER Rural Development Programme.

LAG covers an area of 15 rural towns and municipalities (in Duga Resa, Ozalj, Draganic, Kamanje, Netretić, Ribnik, Žakanje, Lasinja, Krasic, Kravarsko, Pisarovina, Pokupsko and Žumberak and 35 rural settlements of the city of Karlovac and 11 rural villages of Velika Gorica). LAG Vallis Colapis the ensuing as a citizens ‘organization founded by local governments, local public institutions such as schools, tourist offices, businesses, family farms and citizens’ associations in rural areas.

LAG Vallis Colapis covers an area of ​​1,409.7 km2, and its area has 47,635 inhabitants (2011). LAG since its establishment in 2009 participated in a number of rural development projects as well as the local partner of the Centre for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and the Ministry of Agriculture. Since early 2011 launch independent work and the office in which he now employs 5 professionals for rural development. So far we have dealt with the promotion of sustainable development, promotion of entrepreneurship, youth work and increase the quality of life in rural communities.

The area of ​​our LAG includes Pokuplje and western slopes of Žumberak. This area is extremely rich in natural beauty – flows through the four rivers (Kupa and its major tributaries of the Koran, Mreznica and Dobra), all of which are extremely suitable for rafting and canoeing, as well as simply enjoying the walks, hiking or swimming in the summer. Also, in the area of ​​the LAG have historically lived the great names of Croatian history as the medieval Croatian noble families Zrinski and Frankopan, writers and linguists Juraj Krizanić and Ivan Belostenec, folk revivalists Pavao Štos and Tadija Smičiklas, known painter Slava Raškaj and last Croatian ban Dr. Ivan Šubašić. This region is a traditional craft, space development of SMEs.

LAG Vallis Colapis the advantages that rural areas Pokuplje and western Žumberak have a place suitable for life and seeks to further develop the social and economic opportunities of the region Croatian. All development stakeholders of the area jointly participate in the development and implementation of Local Development Strategies (LDS) our area. Development strategies that we have applied (in the period 2009-14) can be downloaded from the links that follow.

The production of the new local development strategies for the period of the Program Rural Development 2014-20 we will start in the second half of 2015.

Download the LRS for specified periods

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